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FinOps Associate

Remote | £290 /day

Role: Our FinOps Associates are the engine room. They are there to make sure everything runs in the most efficient way possible. Working remotely worldwide, giving you access to amazing talent at incredible rates.

Background: Typically Chartered Accountants (ICAI) with a background in working with SME's in the UK.

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Payment runs
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Bank reconciliations
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Payroll processing
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FinOps Manager

UK | £580 /day
Remote | £390 /day

Role: Our chief problem-solvers. FinOps Managers are architects of complex financial systems and processes.They work to build out scaleable solutions to make your finance function an engine for growth. Either UK-based or remote, they're our most sought after team members.

Background: Typically Chartered Accountants from Top 10 accounting firms (ACA) or qualified working in startups/ SMEs (CIMA).

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Process design
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Problem solving
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Management reporting
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Sytem optimisation
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FinOps Lead

UK | £750+ /day

Role: The most experienced of our team. Our Leads are here to solve the most complex issues to transform your business. A formidable combination of operational and strategic experience. UK-based, their rates are based on their individual experience.

Background: Typically Chartered Accountants (ACA or CIMA) with considerable experience building out and running finance functions.

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Finance function owner
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System implementation
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Modelling and forecasting
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Board reporting
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"RORA have got on top of our accounts, payroll, and R&D. They've improved our accounting and finance function. Definitely recommend!"


"I'm sitting here feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! And we're only just getting started..."


"My advice for anyone considering RORA is to go for it. I don't know how we ever survived without them."


"RORA was recommended as the perfect flexible support solution. After a year, with FinOps, and now PeopleOps too, we could not be happier."


"I would definitely recommend RORA to any scaling business, you get expert knowledge at the cadence that suits, so you get the balance of resources needed to continue to grow."

Head of Finance

"The team have done more with the business in a couple of weeks than our accountant has been all year. It's the standard we'd hope to hire at!"


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