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It's work you actually want to do.

You'll be working directly in multiple startups and scaleups. No two days are the same but you'll be having an impact from Day One.
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With transparent progression and development.

Assessed oncer a quarter against our transparent skills ladder. Supported by and learning from the team as you go.

And the freedom to make it work for you.

Choose the number of days you work, so work fits around you. As part of the team, as the business profits, so do you.

You spend a third of your life at work. Make it count.

Join a new type of team that is designed by and for people just like you.

We're problem-solvers doing what we do best.

I want to do work that I know is having a real impact. So, getting to work with Solivus - a startup building next generation solar - is an incredible opportunity I wouldn't get anywhere else.

FinOps Manager

Working with startups you get the freedom to get stuck in and make changes from day one. You get to work with such a a variety of businesses, industries and founders - you're always learning something new.

FinOps Manager

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This is us.

👋 Hi

This is our story.

We began in finance.

We started in big accounting firms, where - if we're honest - we were ashamed to call ourselves accountants.

We were wasting our lives doing jobs we didn't love.

We left to work with startups

We craved work we could care about, where we could have freedom to make a real impact.

Startups were doing work they were passionate about but couldn't get the support they needed.

We created a new profession: FinOps.

So, we created FinOps. The intersection of finance, technology and operations.

Where great people in finance could work directly in exciting startups.

And that's just the beginning.

We see the same pain we felt in accounting everywhere.

Our mission is to create new types of teams that allows everyone to love what they do.

In finance. And beyond.