our details and commitments

What we’re both committing to.

👋Welcome to the team!

First things first, you’ll need an employment contract with us. This is a brief summary of how it works.

Our employment contracts:
Our Details & Commitments set out our standard employment terms and conditions which apply to everyone in the team. The specifics of your role and responsibilities - as well as practical things like your pay and how many days you will work - are set out in your Employment Agreement.

Together, these make up our contract with you. So please make sure you read through before signing your Employment Agreement with us.

What we commit to you
Like working in a startup, you will get opportunities to do work that excites and challenges you. In addition, we give you the support, training and progression you’d expect from larger companies.

What you commit to us:
You’ll work to deliver the very best service to our partners, while being fiercely protective over your own time and your team. You’ll support your teammates to get the most out of each other every week.

What you’ll get paid:
You’ll get a transparent, flexible salary based on your grade and the days you wish to work each week. You’ll also get a share of company profits every year.In addition, there are detailed policies and procedures for how you’ll work while at RORA.

These are in our Handbook.


Before we get into the details, we wanted to let you know that we’ve tried hard to write a contract fit for ‘a new type of team’ but there may still be things you don’t fully understand. 

If so, that’s absolutely fine, please just reach out - hello@joinrora.com - and we will be more than happy to clear things up.


1.1 👋 We’re RORA, a trading name of Quantico Analytics Limited of 1 Long Lane, London SE1 4PG (we’ll call ourselves, “we”, “our” or “us” going forward). 

1.2 Our purpose - why we exist - is to create teams where everyone (you included) can do work you care about, supported by a group of people you love.

1.3 It’s ambitious.


2.1 Our employment contracts are made up of two documents:

  1. These employment ‘Details & Commitments’ which are the same for everyone in the team and lives here on our website for everyone to see.
  2. Your ‘Employment Agreement’ which sets out the particulars of your role and the choices that you have made. You’ll sign this one. 

2.2 In your Employment Agreement you’ll get the chance to choose things like how many days you want to work, how much holiday you want and what benefits you’d like.

2.3 Together they make up the employment contract with you. So please read both before signing.


3.1 At RORA, you will spend approximately 90% of your time embedded in our partner’s teams.

3.2 In our partner teams, we commit to providing you with:

  1. Impactful work with some of the most exciting companies in the world.
  2. Varied opportunities to get stuck into lots of different challenges while with us.
  3. Freedom and trust to fully own the work you do.

3.3 Just to be clear - this doesn’t mean:

  1. You can pick & choose your partners (though you can as a contractor).
  2. You’ll always do the glamorous stuff - you’ll be rolling up yourselves with everyone else.
  3. You’ll have someone else checking up on you and the work you do.

3.4 In our partner teams, you commit to:

  1. Doing work to the very best of your ability and to the standard we’d expect of anyone at your grade.
  2. Proactively manage the mutually agreed priorities with your partners and achieve them within reasonable deadlines.
  3. Acknowledge mistakes when they happen, have difficult conversations and work to fix them rapidly - ensuring they don’t happen again.
  4. Being fiercely protective over your time (and the time of those in the team).


4.1 As part of the RORA team, you’ll spend roughly 10% of your time growing and developing.

4.2 Within the wider team, we commit to providing you with:

  1.  a clear and transparent development pathway where reward is pegged to progression.
  2.  a system of regular feedback, appraisal and progression opportunities.
  3. the tools to support your ability to work in ways that suit you best.
  4. a continuous focus on learning and training to get the best out of everyone in the team.
  5. iterative improvements to challenge the way we work to get the best for everyone in the team.

4.3 So we’re on the same page - this doesn’t mean that you’ll get:

  1. guaranteed progression every appraisal cycle.
  2. a spoon-fed course for learning - you’ll need to shape your own development.
  3. a role that never changes - we’re always looking to iterate and improve.

4.4 With the wider team, you commit to:

  1. ask for help.
  2. provide timely, open & honest feedback with the wider team - at each appraisal but not waiting for one to give feedback
  3. take on board feedback yourself, learn from it and grow.
  4. engage in, and sometimes lead on, learning & development sessions.


5.1  We strive to always work to five key  principles - these are our mantra.

5.2 When you work with us you’re committing to:

  1. Challenge everything
  2. Get clever not bored
  3. Always be iterating
  4. Fix your own bike
  5. Be yourself

5.2 You can read more about our principles of working at RORA in our Team Handbook.


6.1 Your employment is permanent and will continue until brought to an end by either you or RORA, based on the ‘End of Employment’ section of this Agreement.

6.2 All employment benefits mentioned within the Agreement will start to accrue from zero from your start date. 

6.3 You are required at all times to align with RORA’s rules, policies and procedures as set out in the Candidate Handbook and Team Handbook. These policies and procedures may be amended from time to time.

6.4 Your duties and job description are set out in your relevant skills ladder.


7.1 Normal working hours are 8 hours per day, from Monday to Friday. 

7.2 But you have flexibility over how you manage:

  1. the working hours over the week (‘the working week’); and 
  2. the working hours over the day (‘the working hours’). 

7.3 The process that shapes your working week is set out in the Candidate Handbook. The specifics of what this looks like in practice and the impact on your gross salary is set out in the Employment Agreement section.

7.4 How work hours are allocated over a particular day is set by you, with the agreement of team members and/or partners; we really encourage open communication on this.

7.5 While RORA tries its best to accommodate a person’s choice in relation to their working week, it may sometimes need to make adjustments (but only where necessary).

7.7 We do not offer overtime payment for any hours worked on top of these hours except where specifically agreed between us in writing.


8.1 Your main place of work is RORA’s office, located at 1 Long Lane, London, SE1 4PG. 

8.2 As mentioned in our Partner Terms and Conditions, you may be required to work from Partner offices from time to time.

8.3 RORA supports flexible working arrangements and encourages good communication, so the location of where you work each day should meet your own needs and those of RORA and its Partners. 

8.4 Sometimes, you may want to work from overseas, but you should agree to this beforehand with RORA and you must discuss this with a member of the PeopleOps squad before working overseas. This is so that we can assess any health and safety impact, any potential business impact, and monitor overall time spent abroad for tax compliance purposes.


Employment of staff

9.1 Your Team will remain under our employment or engagement regardless of the location or the scope of work performed.

9.2. We will remain responsible for:

  • all employment obligations concerning your Team;
  • paying our Team and for all associated tax and National Insurance costs; and
  • disciplinary matters involving our Team (which shall be dealt with under our internal disciplinary process).
  • managing their schedule, including deciding which partners they work with and when they work with each partner.

Recruiting RORA staff

9.3. As your business grows, you may wish to recruit members of the RORA team, which we believe can be a great opportunity for both you and the relevant team member.

9.4. When you hire a member of our Team (whether an employee or contractor), within 6 months of them working with us, a fee (“Recruitment Fee”) will be payable by you to us as set out in your SoW.

9.5. The Recruitment Fee is subject to these Terms, and covers the expense of sourcing and recruitment, onboarding, and training of a replacement.


Directors’ Duties

10.1. Nothing in the Contract or resulting from our work with you should be considered to alter, modify or reduce the statutory duties on you and your Directors including, but not limited to:

  • keeping and maintaining proper accounting records that disclose with reasonable accuracy at any particular time your financial position;
  • safeguarding your assets of the company and taking reasonable steps for the prevention of and detection of fraud and other irregularities with an appropriate system of internal controls;
  • preparing statutory accounts (financial statements) for each financial year which give a true and fair view of Your state of affairs and of your profit or loss for that period;
  • selecting suitable accounting policies and then applying them consistently;
  • making judgements and estimates that are reasonable and prudent;
  • preparing the accounts on a “going concern” basis unless it is not appropriate or reasonable to consider that you will continue to carry on business;
  • determining whether, in respect of the relevant accounting year concerned, you meet the conditions for exemption from an audit set out in section 477 of the Companies Act 2006 (or such other legislation as may apply), and for determining whether, in respect of the relevant accounting year, the audit exemption is not available for any of the reasons set out in section 478 of the Companies Act 2006 (or such other legislation as may apply).


10.2. It remains your responsibility for, and to approve, all payments made from your bank accounts.

10.3. Where you grant your Team access to your bank accounts, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk and you remain responsible for:

  • putting adequate restrictions and access rules in place; and
  • reviewing and approving all payments from your bank accounts.

10.4. You acknowledge that no liability will arise whatsoever and you hold us and your Team harmless in relation to (i) your grant of such access, or (ii) any such payments prepared or made; including any payment from your bank account made:

  • in error;
  • using account details which have been entered incorrectly;
  • to an account holder other than the intended recipient;
  • for an incorrect amount; or
  • with an error of any other sort whatsoever.


11.1. We will inform you if we become aware of any conflict of interest in our relationship with you, or in our relationship with you and another partner.

11.2. Where such conflicts are identified which cannot be managed in a way that we consider reasonably protects your interests, then we will regrettably be unable to continue to work with you and will seek to terminate our Contract in line with the provisions in Section 7 and in line with our notice period with you.

11.3. In these circumstances, you will remain responsible for the Fees up to the date on which this contract is terminated.

11.4. If, in our opinion, there is a conflict of interest that is reasonably capable of being addressed and managed successfully by the adoption of suitable safeguards to protect your interests, then we will adopt those safeguards.

11.5. We reserve the right to act for other Partners whose interests are not the same as or are adverse to, yours subject to us complying with the obligations of confidentiality referred to in these Terms.


12.1. We acknowledge that, under this Contract, our Team will have access to Confidential Information which shall only be used as directed by you and for the proper performance of working with you.

12.2. For the purposes of this Clause;

  • “Confidential Information” means in whatever form (including, without limitation, in written, oral, visual or electronic form or on any magnetic or optical disk or memory and wherever located) relating to your business, customers, clients, suppliers, products, affairs and finances, or for the time being confidential to you and any trade secrets, including, without limitation, technical data and know-how related to you or any of yours or their suppliers, customers, clients, agents, distributors, shareholders, the management or business contacts, including (but not limited to) information that you create, develops, receives or obtains in connection with their engagement, whether or not such information (if in anything other than oral form) is marked confidential;

12.3. Our Team shall not (except in the proper course of their duties) either during the duration of this Contract or after the termination of this Contract, use or disclose to any third party (and we shall use our best endeavours to prevent the publication or disclosure of) any Confidential Information.

12.4. This restriction does not apply to any information:

  • That we can show was known to us prior to its communication by or through you;
  • Which is already in, or comes into, the public domain otherwise than through our unauthorised disclosure;
  • Is required to be disclosed by law, rules, regulatory authority, court order or other legal process provided that we shall (ii) promptly upon learning that such disclosure is required, give written notice of such disclosure to you so that you may seek protective orders or other confidentiality protection as you, in your sole discretion, may elect, and (ii) reasonably co-operate with you in protecting the confidential or proprietary nature of the Confidential Information which is to be disclosed;
  • Is approved for release through a written agreement by you;
  • Is now, or becomes in the future, in the public domain other than by any breach by us of our obligations hereunder; or
  • Is received by us without restriction on disclosure or use from a third party which you believe is entitled to be disclosed.

12.5. At any stage during the Contract upon a request by you and upon termination or expiry of this Contract for whatever reason, we will promptly return all and any of your property and Confidential Information still in our possession.


13.1. To make this section clear, we will use the following terms:

  • “Data Protection Legislation” means, as it applies to the relevant processing of personal data.
  • The Data Protection Act 2018 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, and any other legislation in force from time to time in the United Kingdom relating to privacy and/or the processing of Personal Data;
  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) (“EU GDPR”);
  • Any guidance or statutory codes of practice issued by the UK Information Commissioner; and
  • any other applicable data protection legislation.
  • “Relevant Data Subjects” means you and your employees, (ii) your directors and contractors, and (iii) any other third parties.

13.2. We confirm that we will comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Legislation when processing personal data about Relevant Data Subjects.

13.3. This Agreement shall not relieve either Party of any obligations set out in the Data Protection Legislation and shall not remove or replace any of those obligations.


14.1. In this Agreement, “personal data”, “data subject”, “data controller”, “data processor”, and “personal data breach” shall have the meaning defined in Article 4, EU Regulation 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

14.2. In the capacity of collecting and storing your data for, but not limited to, (i)  updating and enhancing our client partner records, (ii) analysing information for management purposes and statutory returns, or (iii) legal and regulatory compliance and crime prevention, we may obtain, process, use and disclose personal data. In doing so, RORA is acting as an independent data controller.

14.3. For complete details of our collection, processing, storage, and retention of personal data including, but not limited to, the purpose(s) for which personal data is used, the legal basis or bases for using it, details of your rights and how to exercise them, and personal data sharing (where applicable), please refer to our Privacy Policy.

14.4. If your Team are required to process personal data of Relevant Data Subjects, including, but not limited to, (i) running payroll, (ii) customer invoicing and accounts receivable processing, or (iii) working with your suppliers, then they are acting on your behalf as a data processor.

14.5. In doing so, we shall:

  • only process personal data based on your instructions, unless we are otherwise required by law to do so;
  • ensure that we have suitable technical and organisational measures to protect any personal data from unlawful or unauthorised processing, accidental loss, damage or destruction, proportionate to the potential harm resulting from such events, accounting for available technology and the cost of implementing those measures;
  • ensure that your Team with access to personal data (whether for processing purposes or otherwise) are contractually obliged to keep that personal data confidential;
  • assist you at your cost, in responding to any and all requests from data subjects in ensuring its compliance with the Data Protection Legislation with respect to security, breach notifications, impact assessments, and consultations with supervisory authorities or regulators (including, but not limited to, the Information Commissioner’s Office); and
  • on your written instruction, delete (or otherwise dispose of) or return all personal data and any and all copies thereof to you on termination of the Agreement unless it is required to retain any of the personal data by law.

14.6. If we, or your Team, become aware of any personal data breach, we will notify you without undue delay.

14.7. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have in place all necessary consents and notices required to lawfully transfer personal data to us and our Team.


15.1. We hereby assign to you all existing and future intellectual property rights in any deliverables created by our Team under this Contract, and all materials embodying these rights to the fullest extent permitted by law. Insofar as they do not vest automatically by operation of law under this Contract, we hold legal title in these rights and inventions on trust for you.

15.2. We undertake:

  • whenever requested to do so by you, to give you full written details of all deliverables embodying the intellectual property rights, made wholly or partially by our Team, when working with you,
  • whenever requested to do so by you, including on the termination of this Contract, promptly deliver to you all correspondence, documents, papers and records on all media (and all copies or abstracts of them), recording or relating to any part of the deliverables and the process of their creation which are in their possession, custody or power;
  • not to register nor attempt to register any of the intellectual property rights in the deliverables unless requested to do so by you; and
  • to do all acts necessary to confirm that absolute title in all intellectual property rights in the deliverables has passed, or will be passed, to you.

15.3. We agree to indemnify you and keep you indemnified at all times against all or any costs, claims, damages or expenses incurred by you, or for which you may become liable, with respect to any intellectual property infringement claim or other claim relating to work provided to you under this Contract.

15.4. We waive any moral rights in the deliverables to which we are now or may at any future time be entitled under Chapter IV of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 or any similar provisions of the law in any jurisdiction, including (but without limitation), the right to be identified, the right of integrity and the right against false attribution, and agree not to institute, support, maintain or permit any action or claim to the effect that any treatment, exploitation or use such deliverables or other materials infringes our moral rights.

15.5. We acknowledge that, except as provided by law, no further fees, compensation or sums other than those provided for in this Contract are due or may become due to us in respect of the performance of our obligations under this clause 14.

15.6. We undertake, at the expense of you, at any time either during or after this Contract, to execute all documents, make all applications, give all assistance and do all acts and things as may, in your opinion, be necessary or desirable to vest the intellectual property rights in and to register them in your name and to defend you against claims that the deliverables embodying intellectual property rights or inventions infringe third party rights, and otherwise to protect and maintain the intellectual property rights in the deliverables.

15.7. Under this Contract, you grant a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, revocable, worldwide and non-transferable license to any materials/tools supplied by you to us. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the rights, title and interest in any data (other than personal data), information, records and other material (including, but not limited to, proprietary data and other intellectual property) transferred or given by you (or on your behalf) to our Team shall be, and at all times remain, your property.


16.1 We do not exclude or limit our liability for:

  • death or personal injury caused by our negligence; or
  • fraud.

16.2. The advice and information our Team provide to you is for your sole use only and not for any third party unless it has been expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

16.3. The Team may recommend, or suggest using, third-party technology tools, products or services, provided by third parties to you based on a contract between you and them. We don’t make any warranties concerning their performance, and we accept no responsibility for their performance or liability for their use.

16.4. We accept no responsibility whatsoever to third parties, including members of any group of companies (as defined under Section 1261 of the Companies Act 2006) to which you may at the date of the Contract or later, belong  (and to whom the Contract may or may not be addressed), for any advice, assistance, guidance, information, documents, opinions or material produced by our Team.

16.5. We are a limited liability company. As such, none of our shareholders, officers, employees or consultants shall be personally liable to you, or accepts any personal responsibility to you or any third party, under this Contract.

16.6. Except to the extent that we are in material breach of our obligations under the Contract, we shall not be liable for any of the following:

  • loss or damages to the extent arising from your failure to fulfil your responsibilities; or
  • damages that arise from acting in accordance with your instructions or those of third parties engaged by you.

16.7. We shall not be liable for:

  • any special, indirect or consequential loss including loss of use, profits, goodwill, damage to reputation or anticipated savings; or
  • losses, penalties, surcharges, interest or additional tax liabilities due to: (i) the acts or omissions of any other person; or (ii) due to the provision to our Team of incomplete, misleading, inaccurate or false information; or (iii) A failure to act on our Team’s advice (as confirmed in writing) or a failure to provide our Team with relevant information;
  • any loss, damage or expense incurred or sustained: (i) If material information is withheld, delayed or concealed from your Team, or wrongly misrepresented to us; or (ii) From fraudulent acts, misrepresentation or wilful default by you or your directors, officers, employees, agents or advisers.

16.8. Subject to the clause above, our aggregate total liability to you in respect of any single claim or series of related claims made by you (whether such a claim is under contract, tort, statute, negligence or otherwise) under this Contract, shall not exceed 6 (six) months of fees paid, including all interest and costs.


17.1. You agree to indemnify us and our agents in respect of any claim (including any claim for negligence) arising out of any unauthorised disclosure of our Team’s advice and opinions, whether in writing or otherwise.

17.2. This indemnity will extend to the cost of defending any such claim, including payment at our usual rates for the time that we spend defending it.

17.3. If any third party makes a claim against us or notifies us of an intention to make a claim  which may reasonably be considered likely to give rise to a liability under this indemnity ("Claim"), then your liability under this indemnity is conditional upon us:

  • as soon as reasonably practicable, giving written notice of the Claim to you, specifying the nature of the Claim in reasonable detail;
  • not making any admission of liability, agreement or compromise in relation to the Claim without your prior written consent (such consent not to be unreasonably conditioned, withheld or delayed);
  • giving you and your professional advisors access at reasonable times (on reasonable prior notice) to our premises and, where possible, our officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives or advisers, and to any relevant assets, accounts, documents and records within our power or control, so as to enable you and your professional advisers to examine them and to take copies (at your expense) for the purpose of assessing the Claim; and
  • subject to you providing security to us to our reasonable satisfaction against any Claim, liability, costs, expenses, damages or losses which may be incurred, take such action as you may reasonably request to avoid, dispute, compromise or defend the Claim.


18.1. In accordance with the Proceeds of Crime Act and Money Laundering Regulations 2007 (as may be amended, updated, replaced or superseded from time to time) you agree to waive your right to confidentiality to the extent of any report made, a document provided or information disclosed to the National Crime Agency ("NCA").

18.2. You also acknowledge that we are required to report directly to the NCA without prior reference to you or your representatives if, when working with you, your Team become suspicious of money laundering activity by you or on your behalf.

18.3. We are required to identify our client partners for the purposes of the UK anti-money laundering legislation. We may request from you, and retain, such information and documentation as we require for these purposes and/or make searches of appropriate databases.

18.4. Copies of such records will be maintained by us for a period of at least 5 (five) years after the termination of this Contract.


19.1. You agree not to violate our website from which you are accessing these terms (“Website”).

19.2. You further agree that you will not, and will not allow any other person to:

  • modify, copy, impersonate or cause damage or unintended effect to any portion of our Website, or any software used within it;
  • link to our Website in any way that would cause the appearance or presentation of the Website to be different from what would be seen by a user who accessed our Website by typing the URL into a standard browser;
  • download, collect or use any information obtained from or about our Website or the content displayed on it (“Content”) without our express written consent.

19.3. Despite the above, we grant you a licence to:

  • create a hyperlink to our Website for the purpose of promoting an interest common to both of you and us. You can do this without specific permission. This licence is conditional upon you not portraying us, your Team or any work undertaken with you in a false, misleading, derogatory, defamatory or otherwise offensive manner. You may not use any logo or other proprietary graphic or trademark of ours as part of the link without our express written consent; and
  • you may copy the text of any page of our Website for your personal use in connection with the purpose of our Website.


20.1. The Contract between you and us:

  • is governed by the laws of English and Wales and the English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning the Contract and any matter arising from it;
  • does not give any right to any third party under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.
  • contains the entire agreement between you and us and supersedes all previous agreements and understandings between you and us.

20.2. Each of you and us acknowledge that, in entering into the Contract:

  • neither we nor you rely on any representation, warranty, information or document or other terms not forming part of the Contract;
  • the rights and obligations of you and us set out in the Contract shall pass to any permitted successor in title.
  • no failure or delay by you or us to exercise any right, power or remedy will operate as a waiver of it nor indicate any intention to reduce that or any other right in the future; and
  • other than in respect of Your payment obligations, neither you nor we shall be liable for any failure or delay in the Contract's performance caused by circumstances beyond your or our reasonable control.


21.1. We review and update these Terms at least once a year to make sure they still best reflect our business and the way we work with you.

21.2. The latest terms will always be displayed here.

21.3. If you have a SoW in place with us, then we will give you notice of any material changes to these Terms and you may exercise your rights to termination, as included earlier in these Terms, should you object to any of our changes.