do work you care about
with people you love

for a new world of work

we're wasting our lives

We go to work everyday to do jobs we don’t really like, for a boss who doesn’t really care about us.

burning out for
someone else

At the end of the day we’re not even the ones
who really benefit.

it doesn't work for us. it doesn't work for startups + scaleups.

so we created a new type of team

we split our time across multiple startups

No two days are the same in businesses that are changing the world.

we come together each week to learn and grow

Things move fast, so we take the time to reflect and stay on top of our game.

this is our story

we began in finance

We started in big accounting firms, where - if we're honest - we were ashamed to call ourselves accountants. We were wasting our lives doing jobs we didn't love.

we left to work with startups

We craved work we could care about, where we could have freedom to make a real impact. Startups were doing work they were passionate about but couldn't get the support they needed.

we created a new profession:


FinOps is the intersection of finance, technology and operations. Where great people in finance could work directly in exciting startups.

and that's just the beginning

We see the same pain we felt in accounting everywhere. Our mission is to create new types of teams that allows everyone to love what they do. In finance, and beyond.

we're a new type of team built for a new world of work