Interviewing at RORA

Dan Hully

How we interview... and what we are looking for.

Our selection process is made up of three primary stages:

1. Initial chat

The first step is to have a friendly chat with one of our lovely team.  

During this call we want to spend more time to understand you; what makes you tick and what you're looking for in a career.

We'll then tell you all about Quantico and why we think it's the best move in finance since FinOps. Together we can talk through the ins and outs and you'll leave the call with enough info to make a reasoned decision on whether Quantico is the right place for you.

There’s no need to spend lots of time in preparation, but it helps if you have:

  1. Understood our business model and mission
  2. Thought carefully about your previous experience and future objectives

The initial chat isn’t part of the formal process, so don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to mention all the cool projects that you’ve been working on.

At the end of the initial chat we’ll be in touch within a few days either to invite you to interview, or provide feedback on your application.

2. The Technical Interview‍

The first of the two interviews is typically the technical interview, although the order isn’t too important.

In this interview you’ll be asked to carry out a simple exercise on Xero.  There’s no requirement to have used Xero before, but if you haven't we recommend signing up for a free demo account.  Becoming familiar with the basic interface will save you a few minutes in the exercise.

Once you’ve completed the exercise we’ll debrief it with you.  We'll ask you to explain what you discovered and we'll help you uncover anything you didn't spot the first time round.

During this interview we’re not looking to make sure you’ve answered the exercise 100% correctly, (although of course that doesn't hurt!).  Our main priority is to see how quickly you learn, and how you respond to coaching. You'll get more credit for an accurate self-appraisal of your performance than you will for attempting to paper over your omissions.

After the interview we’ll be back in touch within a few days either to invite you to a second interview, or to provide feedback on your application.

3. The Behavioural interview

The second interview is all about managing clients and working in a team.

We will run through a short ‘case study. with you. This is a 'real life' example of difficult situations that our team have experienced.  We’ll ask you to jump in the shoes of the Quantico team and take us through how you’d respond to the situation and the steps you’d take.

There is no single perfect answer to these scenarios, but we're looking to see that you apply a rational and logical process to address each problem. By focusing on stressful scenarios we also give you an opportunity to experience the negative sides and to decide whether you still think the role is right for you.

Finally we’ll ask about your perceptions of your strengths and weaknesses, and your aspirations for the future. We're not looking for a specific answer here, and engineering answer to fit the job spec is not helpful.

What we're most interested in is evidence that you've thought carefully about your direction, and that you have a good awareness of your own skills.

Throughout the process

We understand that making a change in your career is a big step, and the roles that we have are quite different to other options on the market.  Therefore we try to create as many opportunities as possible for you to evaluate us, ask questions and get to know the rest of the team.

If you feel that you don’t have any information to make an informed decision, please let us know, and we’ll help put that right.