giving feedback that counts

giving feedback that counts

Transforming Employee Appraisals

The pandemic has reshaped the world of work, compelling individuals to seek different things from their jobs. At RORA, understanding and addressing these needs is not just a business strategy; it's core to our mission of crafting fulfilling careers for accountants, focusing on variety, impact, and progression.While working with startups naturally offers variety and impact, we recognized that progression was an area where we had room for improvement. Embracing mistakes as part of the innovation process, we embarked on a journey to radically transform our approach to employee progression.

Our Learning Process

At RORA, rapid progression is a necessity due to the fast-paced nature of the technology sector and the gap between traditional accounting training and the needs of startups. Our business model, involving our team working with multiple startups, accelerates learning and progression. However, we identified that our annual appraisal system was inadequate for keeping pace with this rapid development, leading to frustration among team members.

Seeking a Solution

Our initial attempt to address this issue through an 'exceptional' mid-year review proved insufficient and created more problems than it solved. This led us to seek a more comprehensive solution that would recognize the swift progression within our business model, accommodate inevitable mistakes, and be manageable operationally.After careful consideration, we decided on quarterly appraisals. This frequency allows for regular feedback and improvement opportunities, fitting well with our team's scheduled learning and development time. To operationalize this, we transitioned from manual reviews to using Leapsome, a platform that facilitated a smooth evaluation process and offered customization to suit our needs.A Fair and Transparent SystemWe aimed for a fair and transparent review system, avoiding opaque, top-down decision-making. Opting for a 360 feedback process, we sought to foster a culture of open feedback without relying on partner assessments, which could compromise the objectivity of our appraisals.

Evaluating Our Success

The new system has had mixed results, with some team members advancing significantly while others felt disappointed by slower progression. We learned quickly that 360 feedback might not provide enough data points for all, that assessment generosity varied among team members, and that personality clashes could impact evaluations.To address these challenges, we established a moderation committee and utilized Leapsome's analytical tools to ensure fairness and identify assessment trends.

Positive Outcomes and Continuous Improvement

Our transition to quarterly appraisals using Leapsome has been highly successful, offering transparent feedback, smoother management of the appraisal process, and the necessary regularity to capture performance dynamics accurately. This experience underscores our commitment to continuous iteration and improvement in our pursuit of fulfilling careers and meaningful accounting work.We share our journey in the hope of inspiring other companies to embrace change and continuously seek ways to enhance employee satisfaction and career progression.