focus on getting the best people

focus on getting the best people

Redefining Recruitment

At RORA, we pride ourselves on not just following the standard recruitment processes.

Our mission and principles guide us in crafting a recruitment strategy that ensures we match with the right talents. Understanding the importance of first impressions, we strive to make our recruitment process a positive experience for candidates, setting a tone we'd be proud to experience ourselves.

Hiring Accountants

We hire a lot of accountants and immerses them into the FinOps world, a concept unfamiliar to many. To bridge this gap, we've made our handbook public. This document not only introduces candidates to FinOps but also outlines our values, salary benchmarks, and much more, ensuring transparency and helping to filter out mismatched candidates early in the process.

This openness informs our interview process too, where a candidate's questions and knowledge about our model serve as a strong indicator of their fit. This approach helps avoid future discrepancies regarding expectations about holidays or working hours, allowing us to focus on deeper, more meaningful discussions.

Discussing Non-Negotiable Salaries

Our unique approach extends to how we handle salaries. By sharing our salary benchmarks online and establishing a skills ladder, we aim to ensure fair pay for all, regardless of past compensation or tenure. This system, based on meritocratic principles, allows for rapid appraisal every three months, aligning pay with performance and growth rather than negotiation skills.

Addressing Contrasting Needs Across Borders

Hiring in both the UK and India presents its own set of challenges.

In the UK, we work to show potential FinOps Leaders an alternative to the discontent of traditional roles, focusing on personal development and the chance to engage in more fulfilling work. In India, we emphasize our flat hierarchy and autonomy, with the final interview stage offering a candid discussion with founders, breaking down formal barriers and fostering open dialogue.

Looking to the Future

As RORA expands, our hiring practices also evolve. We're now branching out into non-FinOps roles, maintaining our commitment to transparency and fairness across all positions. Our focus on diversifying our workforce reflects our dedication to changing the accounting profession from the inside out, ensuring our practices align with our ambitions.In sum, RORA's recruitment process is a testament to our commitment to innovation, transparency, and equity, aiming not only to attract the best talents but also to foster a work environment where everyone feels valued and understood.